Camp at the sea, near the forests and near the lakes? Yes, it is possible in Smoldzinski Las village! Welcome to Camp-Classic!

Please imagine yourself, the new with big space and functional campsite at the Baltic Sea – 2.5 km from the wide, sandy beach, 500 meters from the Slowinski National Park and 1 km from the lake – Łebsko, Gardno, Dołgie Duże and Dołgie Maly. Silence, nature, peace… In the evening we can see the Czolpino lighthouse at our neighborhood. Village Smołdziński Las – here you can spend your holiday – with family, good company, however you like! Definitely you will not get bored! We invite you to our camp at the Baltic Sea at Smoldzinski Las village! You will find us easy: our camp is located at the main asphalt road from village to the beach and to the lighthouse Czolpino, before the Smołdziński Canal, on the left side of the road. Find us on the map.

Whenever you want! Just how you like it!

Do not plan it! Just come to our campsite at the Sea: for the rest, bike, canoe and tramp. Smoldzinski Las village – here you can have your holiday – with family, company, however you like!